Beyond Exposure 2022

Top industry professionals come together and share their knowledge and expertise surrounding how artists can prepare themselves to be considered as a talent worth paying, negotiating fair rates, self funding, and more tools to help artists make themselves a profitable business in music and entertainment.

Beyond Exposure 2020

The 2020 conference featured top industry professionals such as Rashid William (Jill Scott & John Legend), Alex Williams (Kanye West, Nike, Disney) and Daisha (Artist/Songwriter) who discussed practical ways that artists could consistently put themselves in a position to negotiate fair pay for their performances and best invest in and enhance their businesses so that promoters and talent buyers are willing to work with them.

What Does An Artist Need To Get Paid.

Cody Clark shared his experience in managing independent artists who have signed record deals, product deals, and major music licensing deals. 

Building A Stage That Captivates

Alex Williams talked with artists about how to build and execute a captivating stage no matter the budget. 

How To Build A Show Like A Pro

Respected music director, Rashid Williams, shared his expertise on building a show the flows from beginning to end.

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