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Past Partners

Maureen Murphy
Voice Studio

With over 30+ years of voice training, professional performance experience and music education, Maureen understands the rigorous physical, psychological and emotional challenges that vocalists encounter, on and off the stage. When you combine that with her proficiency in voice science, it allows for a purposeful and aligned vocal development practice, that consistently produces life changing results for all of her clients. She is a Berklee College of Music trained vocalist and performer.

The Legacy of You
Personal Fulfillment Coaching

An executive leadership & personal fulfillment coach, skilled facilitator and keynote speaker, with 20 years of experience helping clients bring their professional and personal lives into alignment. 

Community Activism

Nashville Musicians for Change is a learning organization committed to creating and sustaining positive change. Our mission is to help musicians become conscious activists, empowering them through their journey by providing resources and up-to-date information about local government and organizations. Through this progressive grassroots movement, we will educate, organize, and take action to help our city flourish.

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