Paid 2 Play provides a forum for independent artists to build and
execute a quality live production, so that they can negotiate
proper payment for live performances.

To be considered for Paid 2 Play Live Performance Development all submitting artists must have the following:


A working website.


At least 1 active social media page with a minimum of 500 followers (Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Meta) 


A song, project, or video that has been released within the year or an up and coming release,.


At least 1 video of a live performance..

How Does It Work?


Artists submit to play

Via an online submission form through our website. Submissions are reviewed by the Paid 2 Play Artist Development Committee. At this time the committee will be selecting 2 participants

Artist Show Development

Selected artists will work with an esteemed music director, production manager, and lighting designer to develop their high quality live stage experience.

Access to 12 Hours of rehearsal

Selected artists will be given access to a premiere rehearsal space for 12 hours to ensure they can deliver at a professional level.

Artists perform at the Paid 2 Play Music Festival

One artist will be given the opportunity to play the main stage while one artist will play the Beyond Exposure stage. 

Artists are paid for their performance

Compensation is based on the length of the set and position on the line up.

Artists are provided with a high quality EPK

2 to 3 artists will be given a professionally produced and edited EPK to use to secure future bookings.

2020 Artist EPKs

Watch two of our artists who participated in the development program in 2020

Abigail Rose


We believe...

that all artists, whether independent or signed, deserve to be paid for their live performances.

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