Paid 2 Play (P2P) is a submission-based music experience, geared toward independent artists looking to level up their live show, putting them in positions to negotiate beyond exposure to paid performances. Founded in June 2019, by independent artist, Stephcynie (stef-sih-nee), Paid 2 Play’s mission is to help artists build a professional live production while giving them a platform to execute it.

Originally created to be a live and ticketed event, Stephcynie had to get creative due to the COVID-19 Pandemic shutdowns. She merged her live event vision with digital streaming, creating a new forum for hosting music festivals and showcasing emerging talent. By connecting artists to award-winning music directors and production managers, Paid 2 Play helps artists transform their small live performances into polished, top-notch productions. "We are helping develop artists from various genres to become entertainment worth paying for," Stephcynie says.

The Paid 2 Play stage will be where superstars rise. Producers, managers, and booking agents will discover stage-ready talent on the spot, from the comfort of their homes, offices, or in-person while superfans will be able to say "I was there when it all began.".

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